A great first year at Wolfe Kinkennon

2016 was a great first year for our fledgling strategy, planning and facilitation shop. Among the highlights:

  • We quarterbacked a major national task force of preventive-health experts. Utilizing the Theory of Change approach to strategic planning, we facilitated the task force through the construction of a multi-decade “systems-change map” for how healthcare might unlock its potential to help vastly more Americans achieve recommended physical-activity levels.
  • For a major group of restaurants in one of the Southeast’s preeminent vacation destinations, we designed and facilitated the company’s first-ever strategic planning process. We helped the group to establish a framework for strategic, priority-based decision-making and structure more systematic management practices.
  • We designed and facilitated the inaugural workshops of two new task forces – one comprised of state Medicaid chiefs, and the other of benefit decision-makers at private health plans – to explore collaborative design of a standard benefit for obesity prevention and treatment.
  • We helped the board of directors of one of the nation’s leading fitness organizations to formulate a roadmap to be more strategic partner to the organization’s staff and more powerful servant to the organization’s mission. And we helped the organization craft robust strategy and procedures for sustainable board development.
  • In the outdoor-recreation space, we returned as strategic-planning designer and facilitator for one of the nation’s preeminent state-level trail-advocacy groups.

We consider ourselves fortunate and hope that 2017 holds just as much fun in store.