Chuck Wolfe

Partner & Co-Founder


Chuck Wolfe is a partner and cofounder of Wolfe Kinkennon, bringing 30 years experience in nonprofit management, business management, leadership development, organizational change, board management, political campaigning, finance, and fundraising.

Chuck recently completed a well-regarded 12-year term as President and CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, which he grew into an internationally influential LGBT-equality organization. Chuck grew budgets over 500%, increased the number of LGBT elected officials five fold, recruited hundreds of board members (for three separate boards), trained thousands of LGBT public officials in the U.S. and abroad, built innovative programs that corporations eagerly funded, and served as a pivotal player in the nation’s shift to a culture that not only now accepts but relishes and celebrates LGBT citizens in public office. As a result of his work, Chuck was twice named to the OUT Magazine’s list of 50 most “powerful” LGBT Americans.

In 1992, when Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida, at the time the most destructive hurricane in U.S. history, Florida Governor Lawton Chiles tasked Chuck to lead the Florida Relief Center. Though only very young, Chuck cemented a reputation as someone who gets things done. Chuck later tackled the operations of Gov. Chiles re-election campaign, the logistics of the Governor’s inaugural, and the creation and management of the Miami Financial Emergency Oversight Board (saving Miami from bankruptcy).

Chuck later oversaw the implementation of a groundbreaking part of Florida’s settlement with the big tobacco companies. “The Truth Campaign,” considered outside the lines at the time and too risky for traditional government efforts from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, would become a national model for public-health education and the first ever campaign to lead to a demonstrable reduction in youth tobacco use.

Today, as a cofounder and partner of Wolfe Kinkennon, Chuck serves as a guide for leaders.  He helps organizations navigate immediate business challenges, long-term strategic direction, and fulfillment of mission.

Chuck travels extensively and feels most at home with close friends and family. He splits time among Florida, Washington, DC, and the mountains of West Virginia.