Moving aspiring groups toward great outcomes.

Strategy. Planning. Facilitation.





What We Do



Help ambitious, visionary organizations identify the highest-value ways to achieve business, systems or social change.


Design and guide planning processes to turn lofty ambitions into concrete action and great outcomes.

Develop & Coach

At the individual, group and board levels, help organizations become systematic investors in the leadership skills of their people.


Devise and facilitate leadership retreats, planning sessions, and other meetings that creatively draw out truths, drive discovery, and generate breakthroughs.

We Work For


Businesses that seek to address internal human-capital challenges that inhibit effectiveness or thwart potential.


Philanthropies and nonprofits that seek to generate sustainable social and systems change.

Membership organizations

Membership and trade associations that seek to diversify revenue and deliver new value in their industry or profession.



Coalitions of allies convened to achieve a specific social change, business result, or public-policy outcome.


Ambitious and thoughtful individuals who seek to be far more intentional at the intersection of career, family and life.


The Latest


Our Approach

Our work with organizations to shape strategy and lay plans is built on nearly unlimited confidence in the capacity of groups to be astonishing on behalf of the organizations or causes they serve. Our approach incorporates three philosophical tenets:


➤ Stimulate curiosity

Challenge groups to question preconceived notions. Cultivate interest in the contributions of all participants and stakeholders.  Start not with what the organization or group does today but what it believes possible tomorrow.

➤ Leave no question unasked

Be wise, polite questioners. Challenge groups to explain why… why the inclinations, proclivities, patterns, successes, challenges, and limitations, and how best to move forward through and with all of them.

➤ Tend to dynamics

Structure is critical for participants to have confidence in a planning process. But all groups, even boards of directors and executive teams, are comprised of humans… and all groups of humans have dynamics, cultures and norms, spoken and unspoken. The best planners can quickly identify, work within, and ultimately leverage those to the organizations’ benefit.


Shane Kinkennon

Shane Kinkennon is a partner and cofounder of Wolfe Kinkennon and an expert facilitator, project manager, coalition manager, and orchestrator of planning processes. Read full bio →

Chuck Wolfe

Chuck Wolfe is a partner and cofounder of Wolfe Kinkennon, bringing 30 years experience in nonprofit management, business management, leadership development, organizational change, board management, political campaigning, finance, and fundraising. Read full bio →

What We Value


Advancing big, bold ideas in pursuit of lofty, aspirational aims.


Working on issues and topics that are important, impactful, and meaningful.


Working with outstanding teams and individuals who are smart, strategic, appreciative, and nice.


Working smart so our spare time remains free to enjoy family and life.

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